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             Rujero singanI

                                            pronounced: roo-HAYR-oh  seen-GAH-nee


"If a fine tequila made love with a smooth pisco on a bed of rose petals, the baby would be Rujero..."

When we began our search for Bolivia's best singani, we kept two key criteria in mind: quality and tradition. After many trips to the southern town of Tarija and countless vineyard tours, it became abundantly clear:

Rujero was it... hands down.





When the Jesuit priests arrived in Tarija's high elevation valleys more than two hundred years ago, they planted grapevines alongside ancient peppercorn trees. Today, Rujero's vineyard is the last one where these original grapevines still grow, and whose grapes now make it into the bottle you sip from. 



In recent years, some of Bolivia's singani distillers modernized and scaled up their production facilities by importing industrial-sized stills from Europe.

Rujero chose a different path.

Rujero's master distiller teamed up with a local metal craftsmen to build their own small-batch copper stills by hand, customizing them for the unique characteristics of Bolivia's high elevation grapes and distillation process. 

Ultimately, our core mission is to share Rujero with the world for the benefit of the people who continue to craft this premium singani according to Bolivia's centuries-old traditions. In fact, the beauty of Rujero is how many different Bolivians contribute to the final product -- from the grape harvest to the distillation to the bottling to the labeling. Indeed, because so much of the value-added work is done in Bolivia, roughly every hectare of grapes planted lifts a family out of extreme poverty. 


     "The interesting thing about singani is not how adventuresome it seems, but how approachable... This is a spirit with mass appeal."

- The Washington Post

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Rujero's Vineyard

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The Camacho and Rujero rivers, which flow down from the Andes mountains, pass through Rujero's vineyard first before continuing on to others further down the valley. This ensures that only the purest water, closest to the source, feeds our centuries old vineyard.


In the spirit of keeping it real, the name Rujero is itself steeped in Bolivian lore. Rujero is derived from the Spanish word rujir meaning "to roar." The Rujero river, which runs through our vineyard, is normally more like a trickling creek than a mighty river. However, when it rains in the surrounding Andes mountains, the creek swells into a rushing river whose roar echoes throughout the valley. This is how Rujero singani got its name.


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  Origin of the Camacho River


Hailing from Bolivia's picturesque countryside, singani (seen-GAH-nee) is widely recognized by millions of Bolivians as the national spirit. It has been quietly distilled in Bolivia for nearly 500 years, consumed for centuries throughout this idyllic Andean country by its cheerful and warm people.

Rujero uses 200-year-old grape vines to produce its authentic, small-batch singani. The noble Muscat of Alexandria grape--the principal ingredient in singani--thrives in the singular terroir of Bolivia's high elevation valleys, resulting in a complex, yet subtle bouquet of aromatic and floral tastes. The resulting spirit is as diverse and beautiful in its taste as the land and country surrounding it. 


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Chufly Imports was founded by Ramon Escobar, a first generation Bolivian-American with deep roots in Cochabamba. Ramon spent much of his life having to explain his unusual heritage to people – its location on a map, the languages spoken, the climate, the cuisine. Over the years, he shared Bolivia’s culture and traditions with friends, including Rujero singani. So, after much prodding from friends, Ramon launched Chufly Imports – named after the traditional singani cocktail.

Rujero singani is now available throughout DC, MD, NY, VA, IL, MN, IN, WI, LA and TX, with plans to expand to more states later in the year. If you live outside these states and your state law permits shipping alcohol, go to and get your Rujero bottle now! 

Aranjuez wine recently launched in DC and MD! 

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